Dental Crowns – Lakewood, CO

An Effective Solution to Correct Compromised Teeth

Your teeth are constantly working throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s chewing, talking, clenching your jaw, or grinding your pearly whites, it’s natural for your enamel to wear down over time. However, if you add in other factors like biting on hard objects, consuming highly acidic foods and drinks, or playing contact sports, then you might put your pearly whites at risk of being further damaged. Fortunately, if you have decayed or compromised teeth, Dr. Carole Emanuel can renew your smile with dental crowns in Lakewood. Read along or give our office a call if you wish to learn more or want to schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Carole Emanuel, DDS for Dental Crowns?

  • Natural-Looking & Durable Restoration Solutions
  • Expert Team That Utilizes Advanced Technology
  • Professional Dentist With Over Two Decades Of Experience

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a kind of cap that is designed to cover the white part of your tooth above your gumline. Unlike the bones in your body, your teeth are unable to regenerate on their own. This can make them vulnerable to further damage or even infection if left unchecked. For this reason, a dental crown can be implemented to provide the protection and strength your tooth needs for a healthy structure. These caps are also constructed out of porcelain, which reflects light much like your natural pearly whites, improving the appearance of your smile. This restoration treatment can be an exceptional solution for several dental issues, including:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Severe tooth decay or large fillings
  • Teeth that were previously repaired with a root canal

The Dental Crown Process

patient preparing to get dental crowns in Lakewood

Traditional dental crowns will typically take about two appointments to complete. You’ll first start with an initial examination with Dr. Carole Emanuel, who will evaluate your oral health and determine the best approach to restore your smile. Once it’s decided that a dental crown is an ideal solution, she’ll begin your treatment by preparing your tooth. This will involve cleaning it, inspecting it, and then removing a small portion of your enamel. We’ll take impressions of your smile and send them to a dental lab for fabrication.

Our team will provide you with a temporary crown as you wait for your permanent one to be constructed. This should take a few weeks to complete. Once it’s fabricated, you’ll come back to our office so we can switch out your provisional one for your final dental crown. We’ll confirm that it fits properly and that you’re satisfied with the result before sending you on your way to enjoy your renewed smile.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

woman smiling with dental crowns in Lakewood

These are one of the most popular restorations in dentistry. Here are several benefits you can expect to enjoy from dental crowns:

  • Restores function: You’ll be able to smile, talk, and eat comfortably without worrying about any discomfort or risking further damage to your tooth.
  • Versatility: A dental crown can address a wide variety of concerns, such as a cracked or decayed tooth.
  • Avoid future issues: These dental caps can help you prevent more costly oral complications, like teeth that are heavily infected or beyond repair.
  • Natural-looking solution: Since they’re made of porcelain, your dental crown will seamlessly match the rest of your natural smile.